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About us

At Cloud Events Group, we have over 20 years experience as a business connection, event, and virtual reality marketing agency. Our focus is to be an extension of your team. Whether it be creating a custom event using cutting edge technology such as a 2D/3D platform, or virtual reality experience, we will find the perfect option that meets your needs. Our management team has experience bridging over 50,000 live connections and can connect you with the right executives you want to be in front of. We will create a customized approach to fit your needs. Our core competencies include working with decision makers and the C-Level. We specialize in opening the right doors and helping bridge the gap between knowledge and solutions. We have an extensive background in event operations, sponsorship activation, high level networking, and innovative strategy and consultation with decades of business introductions. We have a speciality background that crosses over all business units under the corporate umbrella. We are skilled in running and managing any event, including sales and post event oversight, strategy, and follow ups. We pride ourselves as a team that rolls up their sleeves and gets the work done. Samples of our work include launching an activation using influencer marketing for an international media company, and helping navigate a client through the right style hybrid event in our ever changing world that we currently live in. We are proven experts in pivoting and excelling in the most challenging times.

  • We have over 20 years experience in virtual and in-person events around the country providing quality business connections

  • Conceived, managed, and successfully completed virtual and in-person events in every major city in the USA

  • Provided and launched customized white glove events in all verticals with any size company   

  • Successfully launched companies in front of C-Suite executives 

  • Responsible for the organization and strategy of thousands of BEO's with hundreds of venues around the country 

  • Successfully bridged over 50,000 live connections from intimate lunch and learns to multi segmented platforms with A-list speakers, AV, pipe and drape, and 3rd party vendor oversight 

  • Augmented and virtual reality experts

  • Virtual Event Production